The Jackal

So you have everything ready for your Tank Driving Experience and you have just there, find out about Tank Driving Experience at our website or reviews of satisfied customers. Now on site there are more vehicles you can drive, not just Tanks. Driving Tanks is very exiting but for some people they are just too slow. For those people we also have vehicles made by Supacat located in Honiton, Devon UK. This is a company that is under contract to the British military to deliver high mobility assault and reconnaissance vehicles.

One example of the Supacat is the Jackal. This vehicle is designed to be a fast and reliable assault vehicle. With an effective range of 497 miles it will leave any Tank in the dust. Its top speed off road is 49 miles per hour and can reach a top speed of 80 miles per hour on road. It is equipped with an air suspension which lowers the vehicle for stability while taking a shot at enemy forces or raises it up so you can avoid most obstacles in front of the vehicle.

The vehicle can carry a wide variety of weapons. One example is the 12.7 millimeter heavy machine gun. 7.62 general purpose machine gun and a 40 millimeter automatic grenade launcher.

The jackal was used by the British as a support vehicle in Afghanistan. It substituted the previous vehicle, the land rover wolf. Due to the wolf’s lack of armor underneath the cockpit it was not favored by the troops. The Jackal instead has the latest in armor protection which is arguably one of the best in the world. It has mine blast and ballistic protection on the sides and underneath the crew stations. The top is open which increases visibility. The designer put the safe being of the driver in the jackal’s high maneuverability and off road capability so it can go through less traveled roads.

The jackal’s big brother is the 6X6 Coyote. This vehicle is designed to support the Jackal and the new version the jackal 2 in combat. This is due to the coyote’s ability to carry supplies and other equipment, about 1.5 tons of it. Also the coyote’s increased wheel count also increases its weigh which now reaches 10.3 tons. The coyote is intended to be a long range patrol car, being able to reach up to 434 miles with a top speed of 75 miles per hour. This is achieved by its powerful 180 horse power engine. This power is delivered by a 6 or 7 liter turbo charged Diesel engine and an automatic five speed gearbox.

At Tank Driving Experience and other similar Tank driving services you are able to drive these beautifully powerful machines. The Coyote can accommodate a driver, three passengers and it even has a loading area in the back. So, if you don’t feel like Driving, you can still take a ride on the supacats. Since it’s designed did not include being armored the plating underneath can be taken out, this makes the Coyote a vehicle very easy to Drive. If you’ve ever driven a car you’ll feel right at home at the wheel of the Coyote. Come and find out how you can drive this and other vehicles at Tank Driving Experience.

Pros and Cons of Maserati

A lot of people are in a spending mood and this can be greatly seen as more and more of them are willing to spend money on high end items.  Even though there’s a worldwide financial crisis and high unemployment rates, you can still see people spending money on expensive clothes, food and most of all, cars.  The latter is especially interesting since as the years passed by, the demand for new cars continue to increase even with the very heavy traffic on big cities.  People all over the world would either buy or rent new cars for their individual businesses. This is such a good time for car manufacturers, dealers and leasing companies to take full advantage of the situation.

Many studies, however, have revealed that more and more people are opting to lease new cars instead of purchasing one.  One company even asserted that their records have shown that there’s a twenty five percent increase on their car leases during the last few years.  What does this mean?  It seems that more and more people have already appreciated the advantages offered by leasing cars.  Car leasing means shorter commitments, warranty coverages, and trying out a lot of cars without spending a lot of money.

Vehicle leasing is enticing in so many different ways.  However, not everything is perfect.  Car leasing is not without its faults so you better know the pros and cons first before entering the said business.  Before falling heads over heels inlove with a brand new car that’s just been release, it’s important to understand the rewards it can offer and of course, the pitfalls that it may entail.  If you are planning to lease a car then you better understand the paybacks and the negative consequences that you may encounter along the way.

  1. Pro: Car leasing is cheaper compared to paying for monthly car amortizations.


Since you are only leasing the car, you will not be so worked up about earning sufficient money to pay the next car loan bill.  Car leases are way lower than loan payments.  You don’t even have to strive to get rich just to pay for the car lease.

  1. You can try a lot of cars without shelling a huge sum of money.

This is very true.  If you are only leasing cars, you can try as many as you like.  It’s different than owning your own car because you’ll be stuck with it for a very long time.  This is okay if you are a vehicle monogamist.  But if you can’t stand to drive the same car every year then car leasing is your best option.


  1. Stress free after the leasing contract has expired


Unlike owning your own car, vehicle leases will bother you no more once the contract has ended and you have paid the necessary leasing fees. You don’t have to be so worked up about completing vital documents and going through them.  You can just walk away with zero stress and look forward to leasing a new car.


Here are some of the cons of car leasing:

  1. Your rented vehicle is not your property


Obviously, this is the number one pitfall of car leasing.  You do not own the car.  If you are planning to show-off to your friends then you cannot do it because you do not own the car.  It would be a huge embarrassment if you are pretending to own the car that you are leasing.

If you think you are ready, consider a – maserati lease.

Find the Best Used Car

If you are in the market for a used car in Calgary, then you need to take some steps to make sure that you get the best possible deal. Simply walking onto a used car lot and hoping for the best is not a good way to get the car of your dreams. This is one reason why so many people conduct used cars calgary searches online. It helps them to establish the most legitimate businesses so that they do not have to worry about finding the best store all on their own. Here are some tips to follow once you start your used car search.


Online reviews of used car lots are very helpful. They enable you to establish the shops that have a great reputation with customers. Although many of these shops might claim to be the best on their personal websites, it is best to find independent resources to confirm the reliability of them. Reviews enable you to focus on issues such as selection and negotiating power. You want to go to a lot that allows customers the chance to strike a bargain for the car that they want. Flexibility with payment plans should be another major aspect of the decision-making process as well.


It is hard to determine if someone is an honest sales person just based off of looks alone. You must find out more about that sales associates history with customers in order to find out if they truly care about meeting your needs. For example, some car salesmen simply care about making money. They might point you in the direction of a car that looks great on the outside, but secretly has many mechanical issues on the inside. It helps to find out the track record of a car lot before you take the time to interact with pushy sales people.


In addition to doing your homework online, take care to bring a person with you who knows cars. They can establish issues such as accident reports, mechanical issues, and water damage. Sometimes it takes a trained eye to see these things for what they are worth. This means that you must bring someone who can look at the car objectively. They will not become blinded by how nice the car looks on the outside. Ask for all accident reports related to the car, even if the salesman claims that the car has never seen an accident.


The best used car lots offer warranties as well. If they will not stand by their cars, then you need to move along to someone who is willing to do so. All of their cars should be reliable, and worth the money that you are willing to spend for them. You can make your car buying experience enjoyable with some key decisions.